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Voice Over IP for Business

Since the day that the term "VoIP" started to take hold Delaney has provided our clients with the most advanced voice and data communications features small businesses need to stay productive and responsive to their customers.  Delaney Computer Services partners with the industry's leading VoIP for Business providers and technology partners like Cisco, Nextiva, and Vonage Business to bring your business the best in class hosted telephony solutions which will give your business a business grade phone service that goes where you go, and grows when you grow.


If there was ever a case for the cloud

If there was ever a case for cloud services, converting your company's PBX to a hosted solution is the perfect use case.  Clear communication, seamless mobility,  and great service.

As phone solutions are revolutionizing how small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) serve their customers, save money and grow their business our VoIP for Business services are tailored to your businesses' needs and goals.  It is important to ensure that your business phone system is reliable, cost-effective, and right for your customers.  

With DCS, setting up your system is quick and easy and our tech support specialists will always be there when you need them.

  • Reduce phone service costs with VoIP in the cloud

  • Enterprise-grade hosted VoIP infrastructure

  • Business VoIP system designed for any business

  • Increased features at a fraction of the cost vs Hybrid PBX

A business phone system can make or break a company or organization’s efforts to provide a professional, efficient experience to its customers or the people they serve. SMBs are switching from traditional office phone systems to hosted IP telephony, a voice communications service that is quickly becoming the standard for all business communications.  IP Telephony provides a slew of benefits including improved productivity, enhanced customer satisfaction, Disaster Recovery, lower cost of ownership, and much more.  This essential business tool is vital for expanding communication channels, growing your business, and maintaining long-term healthy relationships with clients.

Our VoIP for Business tools allow you to access, organize, and store your businesses' communication data in the cloud, making such information more easily accessible.  Communicating effectively with your customers and employees should not be a hassle, and we will handle that for you.

Our specialists will be with you every step of the way and are prepared to answer any questions you may have.  Let the experts at Delaney Computer Services arm your business with this modern, powerful communication tool today.

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