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What is DCS Business LifeLine™?

Business LifeLine is a service that protects and maintains your PCs on an ongoing basis using several of the most important elements of our business grade defense-in-depth strategy for businesses and not-for profit organizations.

The six core services included in Business LifeLine are:

  • Managed Antivirus

  • Web Content Filtering

  • Proactive Monitoring

  • Automated Maintenance

  • Remote Assistance

  • Backup & Disaster Recovery.

You can learn more about each service below.

DCS Business LifeLine is the small-business counterpart to the comprehensive Managed IT Services that we provide to our mid-size business clients.

$149.99 Per Month + Tax Per Computer

What's Covered?

  • Unlimited Offsite Backup & Recovery – One of the most valuable features of DCS LifeLine™, is the included full-PC cloud based backup. Shortly after setting your PC up with LifeLine, a full copy of your hard drive is uploaded to the cloud for safekeeping, and updated daily with any work you've saved, documents you've created, or files you've downloaded. Should your PC ever become damaged or infected with a virus, your files are still safe in the cloud. Better yet, the backup is completely unlimited, so whether it's 1 gigabyte or 1,000, your data is safe with DCS Backup & Disaster Recovery (restrictions apply).

  • Managed Antivirus/AntiMalware – The powerful antivirus included in LifeLine is powered by BitDefender, rated the best Antivirus Software and the same enterprise-level AV/AS package we deploy at medical practices, financial institutions, retailers, and insurance agencies. The lightweight antivirus agent is updated continuously throughout the day from live threat-monitoring sources. Forget the hassle of scheduling scans, updating the software, or receiving annoying emails asking you to renew or upgrade. It's all included in your LifeLine subscription!

  • Internet Security – Our advanced Web Content Filtering system prevents unintentional access to malicious or fake sites by cross-checking global domain blacklists against the sites you visit. A typo, when browsing to a frequently accessed news site or streaming service, can quickly lead you to popups you can't remove or a site attempting to inject malware into your machine. That's why, Web Content Filtering works in tandem with our Managed Antivirus to block intrusion attempts from the web, and scan your system for threats.

  • Proactive System Monitoring – Your LifeLine enabled computer streams data into our maintenance Dashboard throughout the day, reporting on hardware health, virus scans, update status and more. Our technicians monitor the dashboard for patterns that can indicate problems, to notify you before they even happen!

  • Patch Management & Maintenance – When our Dashboard indicates that software on your computer needs updating, your hard drive is fragmented, or system services are slowing down your PC, the monitoring agent automatically updates your PC, clears temporary files, and redistributes system resources to keep your PC running at top performance. PC clean-up tasks you would have paid for at the computer shop are included as daily daily tasks as part of system Patch Management and Maintenance.

  • Remote Assistance – DCS fully supports the LifeLine platform, and ensures that all of it's components perform as intended 24/7. On the off chance they don't, DCS technicians will provide remote support to fix the problem. For non-platform related technical support, like software installations, email problems, or hardware failures, assistance is provided at a preferred-customer discount rate! In many cases, you won't even need to bring your PC into the shop.

The Extras

Your LifeLine subscription is more than just support for your PC. Also included, is a 20% preferred-customer discount on all technical support services, as well as priority support for in-shop service. Furthermore, LifeLine customers are entitled to free in-shop consultations for any technology requests.

We provide your computer with 24 hour, around the clock service.  By implementing unseen changes that run in the background, we keep the computer up-to-date with all Windows updates, and other third party updates such as Java and Flash Player. We also run tasks that clean out temporary files and defragment the hard drive. In order to perform these tasks, we ask that your computer stays on throughout the night.

What's Not Covered?

Managed Antivirus and Web Content Filtering are provided as a best-effort attempt to protect your PC from malware and viruses. If MAV or WCF cannot resolve an issue, further remediation such as remote support or in-shop service is available at additional cost, minus LifeLine customer discounts. 

  • Remote Support sessions not directly related to support of the LifeLine platform are billable

  • Preferred Customer Discount only applies to consulting and in-shop labor and does not cover hardware or software purchases and is not transferable

  • Free In-shop Consultations are provided on an as-available basis. While DCS will make all reasonable efforts to accommodate you, obligations to projects and Managed IT clients with support SLAs may take precedence

  • DCS Business LifeLine is only available to micro- and small-business customers. For more comprehensive technical support, or maintenance on 5 or more computers, ask about our commercial Managed IT services packages

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