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Help Meet Email Compliance Requirements

E-Mail Archiving is an important part of many industries' requirements for retaining inbound, outbound, and internal email communications in a secure, tamper proof, read-only archive.

DCS can help your company ensure compliance with a wide variety of industry and government regulations by creating customizable retention policies which will allow for message storage for an appropriate duration, while audit-trail functionality enables proof of compliance with applicable regulations to ensure that everyone’s covered in the event of a dispute for up to 30 years.

Email Archiving for Compliance

Our email archiving system, with built-in auditing capability, goes a long way toward preventing email tampering. This is particularly important in industries and countries where regulations require organizations to monitor user activity and keep audit trails of activity. In any environment, it is important to have an email compliance archive that is easily searchable in order to make sure that email can be retrieved quickly upon demand.

An email archive that is cumbersome to administer can quickly add to a problem rather than the solution. Email archive systems must be easy to audit for compliance purposes. Log files and counts must be maintained as proof of all actions taken to meet and maintain compliance for email archiving. Logs must prove that all email is being captured, and that all emails (including their attachments) can be searched for, found and viewed in their original format.

Our Email archiving solutions have become a standard practice in most of our client's businesses. The implementation of a successful email compliance policy could save your company a lot of time, money and resources under the pressure of e-discovery requests. DCS will guarantee that you are in a position to respond, and that your company is in compliance with all email regulations.

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